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Merit Exchange LLC:

About the company:

Merit Exchange LLC, a limited liability company in the state of Delaware, operates Merit Exchange and organizes any official events associated with Merit Exchange.

Did you choose Delaware because of its laws?

No. Our main operations are located in Newark, Delaware and most of our events and activities so far have been in Delaware. As of June 2009, when we officially formed the company, we had the largest number of members in Delaware, of any state.

Many of the lenient corporate laws of Delaware are contrary to the mission of Merit Exchange. Merit Exchange's mission is to bring prosperity to all people, not necessarily to corporations. Indeed it is our hope to shift the balance of power in the world more towards people and away from corporations. The lack of transparency and lack of shareholder control afforded by Delaware's state law is directly contrary to this mission.

Does Merit Exchange LLC do anything else besides Merit Exchange?

Yes. Merit Exchange LLC also owns and manages RateTea, a site for rating and reviewing teas.