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About the company:

Merit Exchange is owned and operated by Merit Exchange LLC.

About the architect:

Alex Zorach has an M.A. in statistics from Yale (2008), an M.S. in applied mathematics from U. Delaware (2007), and a B.A. from Oberlin College (2002).

He has worked as a consultant in statistics and information technology, and also has experience in operations research, management consulting, retail pricing, theoretical ecology, and accounting.

About Merit Exchange:

1. Social Networking:

Connect with people and businesses near you. Build a network of people and businesses you know and trust. Let others testify to your skills, expertise, and integrity.

2. Fine-tuned Local Classifieds:

Search not only by category and metro area, but browse in your immediate vicinity. Reduce transportation costs and increase face-to-face interactions by doing business locally.

3. Complementary Currency:

Use merits (m) to keep track of who has been providing goods and services to others in the community. Merits behave like money in some ways, but differently from money in others. Build your reputation by working for others to earn merits, so that others will be encouraged to work for you.

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